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Friday, July 04, 2008

Little girl getting BIGGER

Wow time flies and Aaleaya is growing up so fast its time I start blogging a little more regularly! She is a talented walker/ runner now! When she wants to get somewhere she is there! We've had some rainy and windy days lately so when the opportunity come up to try get out the door she is up for it!!

About 3 weeks ago she started going to day care, she was not a fan at all in the beginning but she is warming to it and I cant believe how much I can get done in a day with no kids!!!!!!!

She has a great vocabulary at the moment, we can imitate a cow, a fish (and attempt to say fish while spitting, iiissshshhhhh !!!!!!!) lion, cat, dog ... she loves meow but cant get her mouth around it... and of course her favourite word and food "NNAanna" everything in banana!!!

I will add some pics of Aaleayas birthday party also as I didn’t add them in the last post! oops very slack!

I will leave you with pictures and will have to update again soon so I remember things to update you all on!!!

Aaleaya's Cake










Thursday, May 22, 2008


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Aaleaya
Happy Birthday to you xxxx

What a year, I have enjoyed it so much and really tried my best at taking time to enjoy it knowing too well how quickly it goes.
Aaleaya was very spoilt and had a huge day! here are some of the past few months seeing I have been so slack!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry First Christmas Sugar....

Well we are indoors today after the second day in a row hitting over 40 degrees we are staying clear of the heat!! The poor air conditioner is working overtime!

We had a hectic but all the same great lead up to Christmas with loads of social occasions to catch up with everyone before the big day! We went and saw Santa at Myer and Kai was quite willing to talk to Santa this year which was great so we were able to get a picture!

We had a magical Christmas Kaitiaki was at a fantastic age to really get into it and I am sure that will just get better each year.!! Aaleaya had no idea what was going on apart from the fact that her day had turned on its head and she wasn't getting much sleep but loads of attention and goodies which were wrapped in her newest favorite thing ..... crunching crinkly paper!!!!

On Monday night we were to see the houses where they are all decorated with lights .. they were, as usual absolutely amazing and Aaleaya and Tiaki were both loving the houses and various lights !!

On the way home Kaitiaki crashed out in the backseat and had to be carried to bed he was that tired! In the morning he came into bed for a cuddle then we all got up to see if Santa had been! Aaleaya was very lucky and got loads of goodies just like her bro and both got a stocking filled with little bits and pieces!

We then gathered up all our supplies for the day and headed to Pa's house for lunch!

It was just a fabulous day and the yummy lunch was so great. Pork, Chicken, Ham, Roast vegies, beans, carrots, gravies, sauces yum yum yum. Desserts were my area and we had Plum Pudding, Choc Ripple Cake, Sponge cake and shortbreads. The kids had Jelly with a frog in it which Kai made and they looked great red and green yummo!!

We then exchanged presents and the kids got loads of fun gifts, Aaleaya got a gorgeous teddie from Shaun and Em and some books also from Dad and Maz.

After settling our food for a little while we headed up to mums for the afternoon/evening. Once we arrived we opened yet more prezzies and then sat back and relaxed for a little while then had some lovely salad and cold meat yummbo!! Aaleaya chomped away on her first chicken bone while I ate my dinner and she was loving it! We left there after Dinner and headed home for a well earned sleep!!

Aaleaya's solids are going well .. we have tried a heap of different foods. Stand out favorites at the moment are Pumpkin (still), Banana, we tried Mango the other week which was a winner and yogurt is the new banana!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Okay so off the topic of AJ just for this post hehe!!! Although I will be back tomorrow with a 6 month birthday post !!!!!
My sister is having a re-opening of the ColorLineDesign Store. She's been busy busy on the buzz for a new Designer to join her team and I hear the task has been enjoyable and the announcement is near! Another announcement this week at the FORUM is that there is a new welcome kit that you will receive upon registering with CLD.. Here's a preview for you ...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Video/Photo post!!!

Well just passing by and thought I would upload some videos and photos.. Solids are going down well .. hooray!! We are camped out at home today waiting for Chrisco to arrive!!! Well here are some pics and vids!!

On Thursday Lynne and I got all arty and made our girls a gorgeous canvas with ribbons and painted their names came our really well ..!!

Here is the load os vegies I steamed up for my lil Pumpkin, they all later got mashed and stored in the freezer!!


Yay Chrisco finally arrived!!!!!!! Kai was most impressed!!! hehe He loves the little gifts you get inside!!! haha Here is all the dry stuff + the full freezer!!! haha (notice loads of ice cubes on the top shelf oh and excuse the placenta at the bottom of the freezer!!! bbaaahahahahah)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

5 and a half months!!

Well we have ventured into unchartered territory!! AJ had her first solids on Sunday! AND she loved it!! after working out what it is she had to do with what was in her mouth she is now up to day 4 and we are going great guns! We are going to give some yummy pumpkin a go on the weekend!! Yay.. She is now getting excited when she see's her bowl and spoon come out!! So, now it begins!

Now that AJ has mastered the roll, I am finding that I put her on the mat for a kick and I can walk out of the room and come back and she is so not where I left her! Although sometimes she has short term memory loss and gets stuck on her tummy and doesnt know how to get back hehe!!

Aaleaya just loves Kai to pieces as does Kai!! She just adores him and she strains so much to catch him if she sees or hears him!! I find him talking to her heaps and doing 'this little piggy' and also plays the wheels on the bus with her which she is more into now that she can respond to the game!!! I am really enjoying watching their relationship grow, even since she was first born Kai has had 'something' with her hands and feet and every night when we say goodnight he has to grab her feet or hand for a quick goodnight kiss!! Makes me all warm inside!! heheHe still likes to bring her out in the morning although she is getting a little bit heavy so I am not sure how much longer it can go on for!!

I picked up the hand and foot sculpture I had done for AJ, I will have to get a picture when it is finally mounted on the wall onder Kai's!! They look so lovely.

Also did some more pictures at the bottom of this post!! We set up a little studio at home!! hehe

Enjoy have a great weekend all.. xx